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The World Health Organization (WHO), the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and EC FP6 Coordination Action EMF-NET (EMF-NET) wishes to thank all participants and speakers for their contribution to the success of the joint workshop "Current Trends in Health & Safety Risk Assessment of Work-Related Exposure to EMFs", Milan, Italy, February 14-16, 2007. The Workshop was co-sponsored by ISPESL, VITO, ISIB-CNR, CIOP-PIB, ICEmB, NIWL and FIOH.

Risk assessment of work-related exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the implementation of EMF exposure limits to workplaces as requested by the European Directive on protecting workers from health risks of exposure to EMFs involve several practical problems. These include gaps in knowledge on real exposure of workers, and on provisions for appropriate protective measures to reduce exposure and health risks. In addition, practical methods for risk characterisation and exposure assessment on specific workplaces are not well established. The interdisciplinary approach at this workshop aimed at summarizing the current scientific knowledge and the uncertainties in regard to risk assessment of workplaces, which provided the basis for discussion between scientists, national radiation protection authorities and relevant stakeholders.

All frequency ranges, from static fields up to radiofrequency fields, were covered. Special attention was given to the compliance testing and uncertainties in measurements and numerical dosimetry. The particular needs of workers with medical electronic implants and pregnant workers were also discussed.

Abstract and presentations of all lectures are available on this site !


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