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Composition: The Main Commission consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and up to 12 members.  Commission members are independent experts in the scientific disciplines necessary for non-ionizing radiation protection. In carrying out their voluntary work for the Commission they do not represent either their countries of origin or their institutes. ICNIRP members are asked to declare any personal interests in relation to the activities of ICNIRP. Members' declaration of personal interests are available here.

Election: Members of the Commission are elected upon nomination by the members of the Commission, the Executive Council of the International Radioprotection Association (IRPA), or the IRPA Associate Societies. The election takes place every 4 years at the last Annual General Meeting before the IRPA Congress ----> see ICNIRP charter.

Duties: The duties of the Main Commission include:

Formulating and implementing the policy of the Commission in accordance with the Commission’s Charter and resources available.

Specifying, prioritising and directing the Commission’s work programme.

Providing Chairmanship and scientific expertise to the Standing Committees and coordinating their activities according to the needs of the Commission.

Reviewing and approving proposed Commission publications.

Fostering cooperation with other partner organizations in the field of non-ionizing radiation protection.

ICNIRP Membership


  Rüdiger Matthes, M.E.



  Dr. Maria Feychting



  Dr. Rodney Croft



  Dr. Adele Green



  Dr. Kari Jokela



  Dr. James Lin



  Carmela Marino, M.SC.



  Agnette Peralta, M.Sc.



  Dr. Zenon Sienkiewicz

  United Kingdom


  Dr. Per Söderberg



  Bruce Stuck, M.Sc.



  Dr. Eric Van Rongen



  Dr. Soichi Watanabe


As per the ICNIRP Statutes, the Scientific Secretary is member of the Executive Board together with the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson and is responsible for the daily management of the Commission. As such she has no voting rights. As per its Charter and Statutes, the Chairman Emeritus has the status of an observer with no voting rights.

  Scientific Secretary

  Dr. Gunde Ziegelberger


  Chairman Emeritus

  Dr. Michael Repacholi