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8th International NIR Workshop, South Africa


27 June 14

Joint Workshop on Radiation Protection Principles: Similarities and Differences in Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation.

Program: here

The Workshop was jointly organized by ICNIRP, ICRP, ILO, IRPA, and WHO.

The main objectives of this workshop were to identify similarities and differences in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation protection principles, in order to develop a reasoned and logically consistent framework across the ionizing and non-ionizing radiation spectrum. The differences in endpoints in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation (associated with stochastic and deterministic processes respectively) were discussed, as well as the approaches towards safety/uncertainty factors, for both workers and the general public; the difference between workers and the general public may also be different for ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and so were addressed. Further, the important issue of whether the principles of justification, optimization and limitation that govern ionizing radiation protection can or should be applied for non-ionizing radiation, will be also in the focus.

The result of the workshop will flow in the update of the ICNIRP statement on “General approach to protection against non-ionizing radiation”.

Program Committee: Eric Van Rongen (ICNIRP), Emilie van Deventer (WHO), Shengli Niu (ILO), Renate Czarwinsky (IRPA), Jacques Lochard (ICRP), Ferid Shannoun (UNSCEAR).




29-30 Aug 13

Joint Workshop of URSI Commission K and ICNIRP

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17 June 13

Workshop on "Current Topics in NIR Protection" organized by the Health Physics and Computational Intelligence Laboratory of the Technological Educational Institute of Patras (TEI) with ICNIRP participation, Patras, Greece

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 2 Dec 2012

ICNIRP/WHO International Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) Protection in Medicine
Bonn, Germany

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9-11 May 12

7th ICNIRP International NIR Workshop
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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5-7 Dec 11

The UV Index and its role in risk communication How to strengthen sun protection measures?
This closed seminar took take place at Schloss Hohenkammer. The recommendation paper jointly drafted by the working group was published - Health Phys 103(3):301-306; 2012.

----> Read UVI paper


18-20 May 11

Joint Conference on NIR & Children's Health
Ljubljana, Slovenia
----> Presentations and Proceedings


23-24 Nov 09

ICNIRP Workshop on Risk Assessment & Terminology
Salzburg, Austria
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16-18 March 09

Annual General Meeting - Internal meeting
Paris, France - With the support of the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety, AFSSET, and the French Society for Radioprotection, SFRP, and hosted by the Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health and Sports (DGS).


13-14 Oct 08

Commission Scientific Meeting- Internal meeting
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


14-17 Oct 08

ICNIRP 6th International Non-Ionizing Radiation Workshop
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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15-16 Sept 08

ICNIRP Workshop "15 Years On: Reviewing The Past And Looking Forward"
Prague, Czech Republic
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5-7 May 08

ICNIRP/WHO/BfS Workshop on Risk Factors to Childhood Leukemia, 5-7 May 2008, Berlin, Germany
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4-7 Mar 08

Annual General Meeting - Internal meeting
Lapland, Finland


11-12 Dec 07

Commission Scientific Meeting - Internal meeting
Munich, Germany


8 - 10 Oct 07

Commission Scientific Meeting - Internal meeting
Bologna, Italy


2 - 4 April 07

Annual General Meeting - Internal meeting
Oxford, United Kingdom


14 - 16 Feb 07

ICNIRP/EMF-NET/WHO Workshop on current trends in health and safety risk assessment of work-related exposure to EMFs, Milan, Italy
>> Organized by ICNIRP, EMF-NET, WHO, EMF-NET partners
>> Co-sponsored by ICNIRP, EMF-NET, WHO and EMF-NET partners

----> view presentations online here


8 - 11 Nov 06

Commission Scientific Meeting - Internal meeting
Tokyo, Japan


25 - 27 May 06

ICNIRP Annual General Meeting - Internal meeting
Chicago, USA


20 - 22 Mar 06

ICNIRP/BfS International Workshop on EMF Dosimetry and Biophysical Aspects Relevant To Setting Exposure Guidelines, Berlin, Germany
>> Organized by ICNIRP

----> more information

----> proceedings available at Health Physics

24 - 26 Oct 05

HPA/ICNIRP International Workshop on Effects of Ultrasound and Infrasound Relevant to Human Health
>> Hosted by the UK Health Protection Agency Radiation Protection Division, Chilton, UK.

---> more information

17 - 18 Oct 05

International Workshop on UV Exposure Guidance, BfS, Munich-Neuherberg, Germany
>> Hosted by ICNIRP and BfS, Munich-Neuherberg, Germany
>> Co-sponsored by WHO, BfS, BMU, EuroSkin

---> more information
---> Proceedings in Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology,
       Vol 92 (1), Sept 2006. ISSN 0079-6107 - Order here.
---> Proceedings in press, viewable upon registration at sciencedirect


15 - 16 June 05

WHO/ICNIRP International Workshop on Base stations & wireless networks: Exposures & health consequences
>> Hosted by WHO, Geneva, Switzerland

For information about proceedings, please consult the EMF Programm Website of WHO here.